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Lightweight design using fibre composites has always played an essential role in aerospace technology. The product range of Peak Technology encompasses numerous products that satisfy these requirements, such as high-pressure storage tanks up to 700 bar and actuation shafts for aircraft landing flaps and tail rotor systems for helicopters. In parallel with this, certification for manned air travel in accordance with "EASA-Part 21/Subpart G/Production Organisation Approval" and the EN 9100 was being pursued succesful.

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The future of the automobile was probably never so uncertain as it is today. Everyone agrees on one point, however: Vehicles must get lighter. We have solutions for this requirement! Components made of carbon fibre composites are unbeatable in terms of weight and high stability. Semi-automatic production methods reduce costs to a minimum, which also allows utilisation of the components in volume production.

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Our many years of experience bring the decisive competitive advantage in many kinds of sport. In this, the newest sector for Peak Technology, it has already been possible to implement successfully some projects ranging from water sports to winter sports. No matter what your task, Peak Technology offers you the advantage of being able to access many solutions as a result of many years of experience in motor sport.

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High pressure systems

From fire extinguishers to air cylinders for avalanche airbags, our high pressure cylinders are individually developed and manufactured. Automation plays an important role particularly for these components. As a result of our in-house developed systems, we are able to manufacture the widest range of pressure cylinders with the best lightweight construction and adapt them to your needs.

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Motor sport has always been the driving force behind technological developments, especially for fibre composites. Meanwhile, weight reduction is becoming an increasingly important aspect even in the volume production of vehicles. We are proud to be part of this development process and to advance these technologies. Our years of experience with lightweight structures, produced in a variety of processes and tailored to match the particular application, means that we can offer and manufacture products to meet your precise needs.

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New approaches to the generation of energy from wind, water and sun require a leading-edge technology and modern materials. The special mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of fibre composites make for significant progress in the field of industrial plants and systems. PEAK Technology is a reliable partner for your vision on the path to greater efficiency.

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