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    Achieve more together

    Peak Technology combines groundbreaking innovations in fibre composite lightweight structures with solid craftmanship. This combination has turned us into one of the world's most interesting high-tech manufactories in the field of development and production of lightweight parts.

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    Precision by the fastest means

    Working in close cooperation with our customers, Peak Technology creates individual, flexible and highly innovative solutions that pass from initial prototypes to production readiness in record time. In intensive work processes we search for the best solution and work on it with far-sightedness and the greatest precision.

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    Committed to progress

    Our greatest driving force is the will to do things better and ever more innovatively. For that reason we continuously optimise our methods and processes and invest a great deal of time and money in our best trained employees. For only these things guarantee maximum quality without compromises - from 3D design and simulation through manufacturing to our rigorous quality management.

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    Here, we provide access to our company portrait, company logo and certificates, which you may download. If you cannot find the data you require, please contact us directly.



    • Logo

      In the ZIP-file you will find our company logo in all different kind of formates for print- and web.

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    • GTC (english)

      Our contractual clauses, which we use to standardise our contracts and make them specific.

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    • ISO 9001:2015

      The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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    • EN 9100:2018

      The company is certified according to EN 9100:2018 and has a quality management system for aerospace industries.

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    • GTCOP (english)

      Our contractual clauses, which we use to standardise our contracts and make them specific.

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